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Sabine Doering

Deliberation and Commitment

Prashant Parikh and Robin Clark

An Introduction to Equilibrium Semantics for Natural Language

Giacomo Bonanno

Belief Revision in a Temporal Framework

Paul Harrenstein and Mehdi Dastani

Effectivity and Non-Cooperative Solution Concepts

Egon van Baars & Rineke Verbrugge

Knowledge-based Algorithm for Multi-Agent Communication

Oliver Board and Kim-Sau Chung

Object-Based Unawareness

Paul Weirich

A Syntactic Treatment of Common Knowledge in Simultaneous-Move Games

R. Ramanujam and Sunil Simon

Axioms for Composite Strategies

Andres Perea

A Model of Minimal Probabilistic Belief Revision

Theo Janssen

Independence and Hintikka Games

Kenneth A. Presting and Christopher Pynes

General Propositions and Triviality

Dov Gabbay, Odinaldo Rodrigues, and Gabriella Pigozzi

Belief Revision, Belief Merging and Voting

Simon Huttegger and Brian Skyrms

Learning to Transfer Information

Gabriella Pigozzi and Daniel Eckert

Pareto Consistency in a Model-Based Perspective on Judgement Aggregation

Fabrizio Cariani, Marc Pauly, and Josh Snyder

Decision Framing in Judgement Aggregation

Fenrong LIU

Preference Change and Information Processing

Aviad Heifetz and Burkhard Schipper and Martin Meier

A Canonical Model for Interactive Unawareness

Aviad Heifetz and Martin Meier and Burkhard Schipper

Unawareness, Beliefs and Games

Benedikt Lowe, Eric Pacuit and Andres Perea

A Syntactic Approach to Beliefs in Games

Antoine Billot, Jean-Christophe Vergnaud, Bernard Walliser

Multi-Player Belief Revision and Accuracy Orders

Emmanuel Tadjouddine & Frank Guerin

Verifying Equilibria in Games of Complete Information Represented by Presburger Formulas

Eric Pacuit, and Olivier Roy

Preference-Based Belief Dynamics

Johan van Benthem, Jelle Gerbrandy and Barteld Kooi

Dynamic Update with Probabilities

Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh and Corine Cristea

Relating Coalgebraic and Algebraic Logics of Knowledge and Update

Giacomo Sillari

Models of Awareness

Thomas Agotnes, Wiebe van der Hoek and Michael Wooldridge

Towards a Logic for Social Welfare

Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets

Dynamic Belief Revision over Multi-Agent Plausibility Models